About Novaveth

Our Team

What makes NovaVeth unique is our team of professionals dedicated to evaluating needs and delivering solutions to laboratories across the Benelux. Our flexible team moves at a fast pace in order to keep up with the demands—and exceed the expectations—of our dynamic customer base.

Our Values

Innovation of products, services and business processes is essential to retain expertise. We are constantly exploring new markets and trends so that we are able to deliver to you innovative laboratory products and services. Innovation is one of our top priorities.

Creativity stands for thinking in solutions: dare to go beyond existing frameworks and see new possibilities. Because the culture at NovaVeth is creative and open, our employees can respond in a flexible way to customers’ queries.

NovaVeth delivers high-quality products and services which are produced and carried out under the strictest quality standards. Our quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring the quality of NovaVeth’s products and services.

NovaVeth wishes to make a real contribution to a better world and corporate social responsibility. Our striving for sustainability is reflected in the relations with our stakeholders, such as employees, suppliers and customers. More information can be found here.

Why NovaVeth

NovaVeth is a Benelux distribution company with over a decade of experience, and strong familiarity of the life science research market. We supply high-quality products for: sample storage, sample handling, liquid handling, media preparation and in vitro gastrointestinal research. In addition, we provide calibration services according to ISO 17025 (RvA accreditation K147) as well as technical services.
Often, we work with our trusted manufacturers to develop new products that aren’t currently available, or recommend modifications to existing devices that have been suggested by users of the product. We love working directly with our customers to provide solutions to everyday challenges – saving them time and money, or more importantly, improving their processes and their results. By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate our customers’ specific applications, budgets, and overall goals, we have become a respected, value-added partner in the life science marketplace.

NovaVeth is part of a network of distribution companies that are located in Europe and in the USA. The Novas work closely together, sharing market knowledge and helping our customers by supplying a portfolio of products and services on a global scale.

Our Network

o NovaVeth in the Benelux: www.novaveth.com
o NovaZine in France: www.novazine.fr
o NovaStora in Germany: www.novastora.de
o NBS Scientific in the UK: www.nbsscientific.com
o Nova Biostorage+ in the USA: www.novabiostorage.com
o Sales outside the geographical areas currently covered by the network is managed by Nova Europe

The distribution network is managed and supported by Nova Europe B.V. Nova Europe and the distribution companies in the various countries are all part of our independent family business. For over 20 years, two generations of the family have been active in the organization. With our passion for knowledge, creativity and service and with our drive to achieve results, we continue to build the sustainable foundation of our companies.